What is Page Flows?

Page Flows is a growing library of annotated user interface videos.

It's a paid service that members can use to see how common design problems are solved in popular products and services.

Who's it for?

Broadly, it's for anyone who has to frequently sign up to products and services for reasearch as part of their job.

UX designers, UI designers, product managers, founders at young start-ups, and Venture Capitalists are all examples of roles that involve signing up to and testing many products and services.

The idea is that with Page Flows, they can try those products and services out without having to create accounts.

Why waste hours downloading apps, signing up to services, and unsubscribing from their emails, when you can just browse a library of annotated videos and screenhots?

Who's behind this?

I'm Ramy Khuffash. I'm a software engineer professionally, but I've had an interest in product since before I became a developer. I also run a design site & newsletter called UI Movement.

Let us know what you think

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

You can get in touch here or you can find us on Twitter.

Hey, I'm avatar of Ramy Ramy! Get in touch if you need any Page Flows related help. I'm not affiliated with the services featured on Page Flows, so I won't be able to help unless it's a Page Flows specific question.