Email marketing insights you can put to work, instantly

Stop spending hours subscribing to competition's newsletters and trying to analyze their emails

When you plan your email calendar or upcoming campaigns, you want to see if there's anything you could learn from others in your industry.

You know some competitors and larger brands spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars on their email calendar and campaigns, so it's worth piggybacking on all of that research by tracking what they're sending.

You can do this easily using one of the following approaches:


You use Gmails "+" feature to sign up to newsletters and use filters to organize the emails you get as a result


You create a completely new email account specifically for research

Or, you can just use your regular inbox. While these approaches get the job done, they require you to spend way too much time fiddling around in your inbox before you can actually learn anything useful:

  • Using so many tags and filters is fiddly, takes ages, and can easily get out of hand.
  • Trying to find anything actionable requires a bunch of searches, screenshots, copying & pasting, and possibly even a spreadsheet!
  • Once you've set up your system, you still have to wait for all the emails start rolling in.

A standard inbox isn't made for researching email marketing flows. So we made one that was...

The inbox that's purpose built for email marketing research

Actionable insights from day one
Inbox Flows already tracks emails from hundreds of popular companies and we're adding more every day. Follow relevant companies to start getting insights right away. No need to wait for emails to start arriving.

Emails automatically orginized in a way that makes sense for you
Each email we track is assigned to a company and a subscriber persona so you can instantly see how often a company sends, the types of subject lines they use, how often they promote discounts, how they treat different types of subscirbers differently, & more.

Instantly see a companies sending patterns & editorial calendar
Inbox Flows lets you see emails in a regular inbox view, but also lets you see them in a timeline & calendar view. This makes it so much easier to get a birds eye view of how they plan their campaigns.

Email marketing insights without the hassle

If your workflow currently involves subscribing to and tracking the competition's emails, request a demo and we'll show you how we can help you save hours while planning better campaigns