Design better user flows by learning from proven products

Learn from a growing library of 1,633 recordings of tried & tested products

Screenshot of the Page Flows user flow library
  • Skip the part where you re-invent the wheel

    When designing common, but vital flows like onboarding, upgrading, and inviting friends, start from a solid base of knowledge by seeing how successful products do it. All without having to sign up to a whole bunch of services & clogging up your inbox.

  • Discover solutions across industries

    When you're deep in the weeds, it's hard to think of new and creative solutions. Find inspiration from products across various industries, from finance to food delivery.

  • See the full user journey

    We collect emails when we record user flows, so you can discover what emails you could & should be sending to your users as they experience your product.

Some of the user flows we record

User onboarding
Inviting people
Creating things

Design better user flows and get them to market sooner

Learn from a growing library of 1,633 user flow recordings, 13,949 screenshots, and 127,914 emails from proven products

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