Hi there! I'm avatar of Ramy Ramy, and like you, I design and build products.

If you're anything like me, you frequently sign up to services to see how they solve design problems.

You're not sure about the best way to design a user flow so you download a few apps and sign up to some services for inspiration.

After trying them out, you're confident about the best way to move forward, so you get back to work (yay! ).

Until you're stuck again (booo! ).

You've since deleted the apps that inspired you, so you go through the process all over again.

Get unstuck without having to download apps and sign up to services

We've done all of the boring and time consuming stuff for you.

Access hundreds of annotated videos and screenshots of how the most popular apps and services solve common design problems.

It's not just the visually appealing stuff, but also the less exciting flows like upgrading accounts and inviting friends.

Do your research without having to download apps, create accounts, and unsubscribe from mailing lists.

A growing library of hundreds of user flows

With more being added every week...

Check out some examples

The flows aren't just static images, but annotated videos that let you see the full user experience.

Click them to see them in action:

Onboarding on Slack
Completing a level on Monument Valley
Deleting your account on Dropbox

Questions Page Flows can answer

Uber logo

How do Uber & Lyft onboard drivers?

Mailchimp logo

What happens when someone closes their account on Mailchimp?

Airbnb logo

What's the process like for adding an AirBnB listing on the mobile site, the native app, and on a desktop?

Mixpanel logo

What does the analytics dashboard look like on Mixpanel?

What you get

  • 500+ annotated user flow videos from top brands
  • Thousands of product screenshots
  • Emails sent during onboarding and other flows
  • Search & filtering
  • Create collections to share with teammates
  • Weekly updates, with a new product being added every week

If you're a designer, developer, or product person who frequently downloads apps or creates accounts for research purposes, Page Flows will save you hours every week.

Save hours every time you're stuck on a design problem

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Hey, I'm avatar of Ramy Ramy! Get in touch if you need any Page Flows related help. I'm not affiliated with the services featured on Page Flows, so I won't be able to help unless it's a Page Flows specific question.

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