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Ordering food on Prime Now video screenshot
Ordering food on Prime Now
    • 00:01
    • Enter postcode
      The first step is to enter your Zip/Post code
    • 00:06
    • Sign in or browse as guest
      Here we can either sign in or continue without signing in. We decide to browse as a guest.
    • 00:11
    • Restaurants
      To order from restaurants, you can click on the "Restaurants" image on the home page. On the restaurants page, you can search, browse through restaurants, to click one of the restaurant categories from a banner.
    • 00:23
    • Search
      When you tap the search bar, you can start typing to search or click one of the categories. The search results are split into Cuisines and Restaurants.
    • 00:34
    • Restaurant
      On the restaurant page, you can select one of the chosen items from the header, or expand categories and check out the items in them.
    • 00:45
    • Item
      When you pick an item, you can select the extras or add special instructions before adding them to your cart.
    • 01:04
    • Signed out Basket
      When we go to the basket, we're told we need a Prime account to continue. I go ahead and sign in with my Amazon account (but this part is cut out so my credentials aren't leaked)
    • 01:12
    • Signed in Basket
      Now we're signed in, we can continue checkout if we've ordered more than the minimum amount.
    • 01:18
    • Place order
      Now we can finally place our order. A recommended tip is added to the order (which can be changed).

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