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  • Comparison shopping

    I'd love to see how apps or sites handle selecting items for comparison and viewing the comparison.

  • payment settings

  • Password Reset

    Would love to see how other apps handle password resets on mobile and desktop.

  • Vodafone, Three, Orange etc.

    Subscription selection or checkout flows, self-service, broadband etc

  • 1Password

  • More Facebook flows

  • News Feed

    A status update news feed

  • Affiliate referral flow

  • Checkout Flow

  • An update panel flow updated user when logged into platform

  • Ontraport

    I request one for Ontraport

  • Discord

    iOS and desktop

  • Automotive B2B Software

  • Searching directories for listings

    "Stuff like 'find my nearest...', a store locator, or property listings for house moves or holidays would be a great addition from my perspective."

  • Takl

  • Task Rabbit

  • Handy

  • Google Maps

  • GasBuddy

  • Dark Sky

  • eBay

  • Shazam

  • Dropbox Paper

  • Apple Music

  • Threes

    (The game)

  • More Amazon flows

  • More GrubHub flows

  • Twitch