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  • Comparison shopping

    I'd love to see how apps or sites handle selecting items for comparison and viewing the comparison.

  • personalisation

    I'd love to see how CMS and marketing automation handle personalisation settings

  • Vodafone, Three, Orange etc.

    Subscription selection or checkout flows, self-service, broadband etc

  • Dropbox Paper

  • More Facebook flows


    Individual/business account on boarding.

  • quick action

    making a quick action in a complicated dashboard

  • Demos of Gladly

  • High Volume Prompt Selections

    I would like to see how various applications handle high volume prompting of a value (search, filtering, sorting, etc)

  • Big Data

    Flows starting with an overview of a large data set and navigating to a single source of truth.

  • Automotive B2B Software

  • Searching directories for listings

    "Stuff like 'find my nearest...', a store locator, or property listings for house moves or holidays would be a great addition from my perspective."

  • Takl

  • Task Rabbit

  • Shazam

  • Apple Music

  • 1Password

  • More GrubHub flows

  • Twitch

  • Invision Teams

    Would love to see Invision's Team management. How to create teams. Edit teams. etc.

  • Didi

    Taxi app

  • More Banking and Fintech options

  • Domain

    Real Estate App

  • Wix

  • Tratwell and more banking apps!

    I love the site, It would be great more banking apps for those that work in the in the financial field. Thanks!

  • hulu

  • Qraved

    Food Delivery app in Indonesia getting rave reviews

  • Logging in

    Show how various sites handle logins, 2-step verification, account recovery

  • Adding reviews/ratings

    Adding reviews or ratings (Ex. providing a rating for rideshare driver)

  • Lalamove

    A delivery app.

  • Slack Terms of Use & Privacy Policy Acceptance

  • Download content for using it offline.

    How to manage download and offline settings (ex: Spotify, Udacity, Netflix)

  • Thank you/receipt pages

    Would like to see how various retailers design Thank you/receipt pages for e-commerce transactions.

  • Revolut App

    I heard so many good things about Revolut UX. The company went from 5 million seed valuation to a billion unicorn - because of the superb UX. I am from a country where the app is not available. Please feature Revolut

  • Transaction history

  • Thumbtack Service Provider

    Onboarding/registration of a service provider on Thumbtack (house cleaning/housekeeper)

  • Video Capture / Video Edit in app

    More flows on video capture to understand UX/UI challenges around uploading video in an add

  • Investing app flows

    user flows of popular investing apps such as Robinhood, Acorn, Stash, E-trade etc

  • Telemedicine flows: / ZocDoc / Pager

    Love to unpack telemedicine flows!

  • Nerdwallet flows

    How nerdwallet and other sites guide you through a quiz and then present options that match your preferences

  • Celebratory and congrats emails

    We're looking for emails that congratulate user for reaching some milestone. Or examples of milestones themselves.

  • Pillpack

  • Blink Health

  • Saving Presets or Defaults

    Settings or Patterns for saving reoccurring selections - Save Credit Card or Address as Default - Save locations or destinations - Interactions for predicting selections a user makes often, and then asking them to save as a preset

  • upwork

  • smart home

  • Uber or careem driver app flow

    I'd like to discover application of driver on Uber or careem

  • More tooltips and questions on mobile

  • WeChat flows

  • Udemy, Coursera

    other online education platforms

  • Affiliate referral flow

  • Ontraport

    I request one for Ontraport

  • Discord

    iOS and desktop

  • Handy

  • Google Maps

  • GasBuddy

  • Dark Sky

  • eBay

  • Threes

    (The game)


    Would love to see the the ui of

  • - versioning

    would like to see document versioning and document change log or diffs