FTUE: Why and how you should create an effective first-time user experience

In this article we go through what is FTUE, how to do it well, and how it is different to user onboarding and out-of-the-box experience (OOBE)

The major difference between video game onboarding & software user onboarding

Over the last few years, much has been said about how video games have killer user onboarding, but there's one major difference with how that compares to onboarding in software products. In this article, a SaaS onboarding expert explains that major difference.

Designing an intuitive user flow for inviting teammates

Using Airtable as an example of how to design an intuitive teammate invite flow

Trend setting websites in 2019

The best website designs in 2019 that could set trends for 2020

Why you should skip the customer interview and go to a meet-up instead

Instead of setting up customer interviews, get the insights you need by heading to a local meet-up and having a few casual conversations.

Frictionless user onboarding

Skip the sign up to guide new users to the "aha moment" sooner (with examples)

What do designers do?

Last week I sent out a survey which tries to answer a seemingly simple question: What do designers do? Here are the results.

Onboarding with default content

While guided tours, onboarding checklists, and tooltips are becoming norm, one onboarding method that shouldn’t be overlooked is using default content to guide and teach.

Better cart abandonment emails for online furniture stores

Cart abandonment emails are so important, especially with big ticket items like furniture. Here we take a look at the abandonment emails some big brands send and how they could be improved

Canva's delightful upgrade flow

Most companies are happy to invest resources into their onboarding flow, but this exploration of Canva's account upgrade flow argues that upgrading should get at least as much attention.