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Onboarding Best Practices To Impress New Users

Every user has a first experience with your digital product. It’s true what they say–first impressions matter. You have to nail your onboarding experience, ensuring that new users or employees can use your product easily. … Read more

Principles of Design Rhythm: Creating Fluid Visual Designs 

When UX designers talk about rhythm in design principles, it usually concerns the fluidity of visual elements.  With design rhythm, designers can influence where the user looks first, where they pause, and how long they … Read more

Help Desk Process: How To Create a Better Workflow

For business-to-consumer (B2C) enterprises, a help desk is one thing you should never overlook. Satisfying your users is the foundation of your customer experience. However, when it comes to UX, refining your help desk process … Read more

How To Make a Flow Chart: Visualizing the User’s Journey

A flow chart, or a process chart, can prove an incredibly versatile and beneficial tool for many UX designers.  Flow charts make the user’s journey utterly transparent for the entire design team. Without them, designers … Read more

What Is Human-Computer Interaction? A Comprehensive Guide 

For both aspiring and seasoned UX designers alike, creating user-centric digital products is the ultimate priority and overarching goal. Given the ever-evolving nature of user-centricity within the world of UX design, the standard for exceptional … Read more

Miro vs Lucidchart: A Comprehensive Analysis 

A visual workspace that offers advanced, collaborative features to its users is incredibly useful to a team of UX designers. However, given that UX design is an ever-evolving industry, the tools UX designers employ must … Read more

Affordances in Design: Creating Intuitive User Experiences 

Universally, the goal of UX and UI designers is to create digital products that offer seamless, intuitive user experiences.  From meticulous UX research to valuable UI/UX design principles, high-quality user experiences drive every major and … Read more

Cognitive Walkthrough: A Simple Guide for UX Designers

A cognitive walkthrough is one of the many ways to test your UX design. In the world of user experience, testing is vital. The more methods you use, the more accurate your results are likely … Read more

Usability Metrics You Need To Look Out For

There are many ways to judge a design. Its aesthetic qualities, its innovation, and other factors are all important. However, for user experience (UX) designers, few are as important as usability metrics. After all, UX … Read more