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Creating a campaign on GoFundMe video screenshot
Sign up
The first step is signing up. You can use Facebook, or use your email address to sign up. We select the email option and fill in the form.
Basic details
You then add basic details like how much you want to raise, your title, location, and campaign theme.
Add photo/video
Here you can add your campaign photo or video. You can add a photo from Facebook, or by uploading one. You can add a video using a Youtube or Vimeo link. There's a new option to add media from GoFundMe's library using the "Our Library" option that wasn't there in the previous recording.
Tell your story
Here you add the main content of your campaign.
More details
Now you add more details, like your phone number and address.
Add your Facebook photo
Here you're prompted to add your Facebook photo. If you decide to skip, you're told how important it is and asked to reconsider.
Import your contacts
Now your asked to invite your contacts using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or manually.
Post to Facebook
Now you're asked to share your campaign on Facebook. Last week the title of this section was "Sharing on Facebook can increase the amount raised by 10x" and this time it's "Sharing on Facebook can increase donations by 3x"
Post a daily update
Here you can add the option to post daily updates to Facebook.
Ask close friends to share
Here you can share direct messages to people on Facebook.
Share on Twitter
Here you're prompted to share on Twitter.
Campaign Link
Finally, you're given a campaign link to share.
Your campaign is ready. You can post an update now if you want to.

Video uploaded: 2 years, 9 months ago