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Driver signup on Uber video screenshot
Driver signup on Uber
    • 00:06
    • Driver sign up form
      Asks for basic information, plus which type of vehicle you drive (personal or taxi/livery). There's also an option to add an invite code.
    • 00:40
    • Welcome page
      The first page you see after signing in welcomes you and asks whether you have a qualified vehicle or not. A qualified vehicle needs to be newer than 2001, have at least four doors, and can't be salvaged. If you don't have a qualified car, there's a lease option.
    • 00:54
    • Safety Check
      A quick safety check - you are required to add their social security numbers here to continue. Once entered, you're prompted to read a disclosure and mark that you've acknowledged and agreed to it.
    • 01:15
    • Driver's licence
      At this stage you're asked to upload an image of your driver's licence. The options are to upload a photo or to take one with your phone.
    • 01:37
    • Inspection
      At this stage you're told you need your vehicle to be inspected. You click a "Find an inspection centre" button to continue. You're then provided with a list of nearby inspectors. At the bottom there's an option to find your own mechanic.
    • 02:05
    • Upload inspection form
      You're then promoted to upload an image of your inspection form. Your option is to take a photo, there's no mobile option here.
    • 02:16
    • Insurance
      You're asked to upload proof of insurance. You can upload a photo or take one with your phone.

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