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Onboarding on Drift video screenshot
Onboarding on Drift
    • 00:02
    • Let's Go
      To get started, we add our email to the form on the homepage and click the "Let's Go!" button. In the navigation menu, the "Login" button is easier to spot than the "Sign Up For Free" button.
    • 00:17
    • Let's get you set up
      Now the onboarding process starts. We're presented with a friendly modal that introduces us to a product manager at Drift.
    • 00:20
    • Custom Style
      The first step is to pick the styled of our widget. This is fairly straightforward and also has defaults, so it can be skipped.
    • 00:35
    • Welcome message
      We now add a welcome message to our live chat widget. This part can also be skipped.
    • 00:49
    • Profile Details
      We now add profile details like our name and company name. This step can't be skipped.
    • 01:03
    • Create account
      Now we've set up our widget, we add our password, role, and number to create our account.
    • 01:14
    • Install
      The final step is to install the widget on our site. There are two clear ways of doing this. We can continue by saying we'll do it ourselves, or we can email the install instructions to a teammate. There are instillation instructions for using JavaScript, Segment, WordPress, HubSpot, and Shopify.

Video uploaded: 2 years, 3 months ago