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Driver signup on Postmates video screenshot
Driver signup on Postmates
    • 00:01
    • Become a Postmate
      You can find the option to become a "Postmate" in the main menu on the iOS app.
    • 00:08
    • Sign up
      When you select that option, you're directed to the website where you can sign up to become a Postmate. You're asked for your email and password to get started.
    • 00:28
    • More details
      You're then asked for more details like your name, device, market, and type of vehicle.
    • 00:28
    • Details form updated
      The form asking for extra details has had some slight updates. This week, there are new fields on this form for Middle Name, Birth Month, Birth Day, and Birth Year.
    • 01:26
    • Driver's Licence form updates
      This form used to ask for your middle name and birth dates, but no longer does (they're now asked for in the previous section)
    • 01:26
    • Driver's Licence
      At this stage, you're asked for your driver's licence details and then your home address.
    • 02:26
    • Fleet agreement
      Here you have to read and accept a fleet agreement, before also accepting a background check disclosure.
    • 02:40
    • Background check
      More agreeing to disclosures, this time for background checks. You have to enter your social security number to agree to the background checks and continue.
    • 03:06
    • Book onboarding session
      At this stage you're asked to book in for an onboarding session. You're presented with a location and a list of available dates/times that you have to choose from before finally submitting your application.
    • 03:18
    • Done
      Once your application is submitted, you're told your application is being processed and you should expect an email. There's also a "What is Postmates?" video you can watch here.

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