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In-app purchases on Candy Crush video screenshot
In-app purchases on Candy Crush
    • 00:00
    • Open the shop
      I'm sure there are many other areas in the app where you can buy in-app purchases, but here we click on the gold bar icon in the top navigation on the levels page to open the shop.
    • 00:04
    • The candy shop
      In the candy shop, we see various things we can buy, as well as a "More offers" button at the bottom. We go ahead and check out the extra options.
    • 00:12
    • Select a purchase
      To buy an item, we tap the price on the right of it. All the price buttons are greyed out as we wait for the next step to load.
    • 00:17
    • Pay with Apple Pay
      We can pay for the purchase with Apple Pay. In this case, we cancel and get a modal telling us the purchase was not successful.


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Video uploaded: 2 years, 1 month ago