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Inviting people on Uber Eats video screenshot
Inviting people on Uber Eats
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    • Homepage
      There are various places in the app where you can access the "Free food" section. In the menu, there's a regular "Free food" option and a larger "Get £10 off your next order" option with an image at the bottom. There are also "Get £10 off your order" banners in the main feed on the homepage, which is what we opt to use here.
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    • Free delivery banner on home page
      There's a "Free delivery on orders of $50+" banner on the home page that wasn't there last week.
    • 00:07
    • Invite buttons A/B test
      The Invite buttons are still being tested it seems. This week they are the full width buttons with small icons and the options are Messages, Mail, and More Options.
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    • Free food
      The "Free food" page includes an image, a large section showing you your referral code clearly, a description of what you get for referrals, and invite buttons.
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    • Send email
      Selecting the "Mail" option brings up pre-populated email ready to send. Unlike last week, there's no in-app process for adding contacts to send to. You just have to popular the "To" field in the email as you normally would when sending an email.
    • 00:22
    • Invites sent
      Once the invites are sent, the email popup closes and you're back in the Uber Eats app in the "Free food" section. There's no success message/feedback.

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