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Ordering food on Uber Eats video screenshot
Ordering food on Uber Eats
    • 00:04
    • Sign up
      The first part of the sign up starts with a simple form asking for your email, number, and password. You're then asked for your name. As you type your mobile number into the sign up form, it's automatically formatted. This wasn't the case last week.
    • 00:42
    • Payment
      At this stage, you'r asked for your payment details. You can either add your card details manually, or scan a card in. Most of this part is skipped on the video so payment details aren't leaked.
    • 00:43
    • Delivery location
      You now add your delivery location using an autocomplete field. You can optionally add your apartment number.
    • 01:00
    • Home
      You're now in. A modal pops up asking you to verify your mobile number with a code, but this can be skipped. On the homepage, you can search or scroll through a list of restaurants, with the top section reserved for the ones that can deliver in under "x" minutes (or the ones that are currently open if most restaurants are closed) Last week we saw a different design on the home page with slightly larger white cards around the restaurants. This week we're seeing the design revert to the slightly smaller cards. Looks like another A/B test.
    • 01:10
    • Search
      When you tap the search bar, you can either start typing to search, or select one of the "suggested searches."
    • 01:19
    • Restaurant
      Once you've selected a restaurant, you can scroll though their menu. If you scroll down long enough, you're prompted to click a button in the bottom right corner that brings up shortcuts to the various sections in the menu.
    • 01:29
    • Item
      Once you've selected an item, you can add any extras or select your customization options. You can then add extra notes or change your quantity before adding your item to the cart.
    • 01:45
    • View cart and place order
      When you're ready, you press the "View cart" button at the bottom of your screen to check out. You can see the various details about your order such as the delivery location and estimated delivery time, before finally placing your order.

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