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Onboarding on Whatnot


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Screenshot of Onboarding on Whatnot
  • Play Store page

  • Splash screen

  • Sign up

  • Enter name

  • Enter email

  • Set password

  • Select country

  • Confirm you're human

  • Verification complete

  • Enter phone number

  • Enter verification code

  • Set username

  • Select gender

  • Onboarding question

  • Onboarding tasks

  • Home

  • Welcome

  • Guide popover

  • Profile

Page Flows shows a clear video recording of the WhatNot Android app onboarding. Onboarding on the WhatNot Android app is crafted to guide new users through a smooth and informative user flow. By presenting clear steps and interactive tutorials, the platform ensures that users can quickly familiarize themselves with its features and functionalities. This thoughtful approach to user flow enhances user adoption and satisfaction, setting a positive tone for their experience on the platform.