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Onboarding on Twitter video screenshot
Onboarding on Twitter
    • 00:03
    • Sign Up
      After clicking the "Sign Up" button on the home page, we're taken to a page with a simple sign up form asking for our full name, email address, and password. The password field has a password strength checker, and the fields are validated as you type.
    • 00:20
    • Phone number
      Now we're asked to enter our phone number. There's a tiny "Skip" link that we use in this case to skip this step.
    • 00:24
    • Choose a username
      Now it's time to choose a username. We're told we can change it later. Username suggestions are made. This step can also be skipped using a tiny link in the bottom left corner.
    • 00:33
    • Welcome
      After picking the username, we land on a welcome page providing a bit more information about Twitter and the next couple of steps ahead. There are also some photo Tweets on this page.
    • 00:39
    • Interests
      Here we're asked to pick our interests. We're told this is the 2nd out of 4 steps. As you select interests, the options of the other interests you can choose from are updated. You can also use an autocompleted search field to add more interests if they're not on the list.
    • 00:55
    • Import contacts
      Here you have the option of importing contacts from Gmail or Outlook. You can skip this step by clicking the "No thanks" link.
    • 01:00
    • Follow and continue
      In this step, you're shown accounts that have been followed for you. You can unfollow them all at once or one at a time. You can also add more followers using an autocompleted search field. This is the final step in the sign up flow, so once you're ready, you click the "Follow [number] & continue" button to finish signing up.
    • 01:15
    • Notifications
      After you've signed up, a modal is open asking you if you want to turn browser notifications on.
    • 01:22
    • Done
      Sign up is now complete. There's a progress bar in the left side panel showing you what percent of your profile is complete. You can use this widget to add a profile photo, bio, birth date, and location to complete your profile.

Video uploaded: 2 years, 3 months ago