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Cancelling an order on DoorDash video screenshot
Cancelling an order on DoorDash
    • 00:01
    • Placing an order
      I've placed an order so that it can be cancelled
    • 00:15
    • Prompt
      Once you land on the order tracking page, you're prompted to enable push notifications or to refer friends. Which prompt show up seems random - this could be an A/B test.
    • 00:18
    • Track order
      We're now on the order tracking page. To cancel our order, we need to navigate out to the main menu to find the "help" section.
    • 00:22
    • Crash
      The app crashed here.
    • 00:29
    • Help
      On the help section, we tap the "cancel order" option, then confirm on the prompt, and the order is cancelled.

Video uploaded: 2 years, 3 months ago

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