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Screenshot of Creating a podcast on Substack
  • Dashboard

  • Podcast

  • Select audience

  • Create podcast

  • Add details

  • Select categories

  • Upload image

  • Error

  • Setup complete

  • Create episode

  • Record audio

  • Recording

  • Uploading

  • Action menu

  • Edit details

  • Add content

  • Add button

  • Preview

  • Publish

  • Published

  • Episode details

  • Dashboard

Page Flows captures the user journey with a screen recording of creating a podcast on Substack. The process of creating a podcast is straightforward and seamlessly integrated into the platform's publishing tools, allowing creators to upload audio files, write accompanying text, and customize episodes with images and links. Substack's user-friendly interface ensures seamless distribution to subscribers, enhancing accessibility and engagement with podcast content. This feature supports creators in building and expanding their audience through a unified platform experience.