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Joining a group on Meetup video screenshot
Joining a group on Meetup
    • 00:01
    • Search
      I want to join a Badminton Meetup group, so the first step I take is to search for one.
    • 00:17
    • Meetup Group Page
      The Meetup group pages have information about the group and a fairly clear "Join us!" button. We click on that button to continue.
    • 00:23
    • Profile Questions
      When you join a group, you're usually prompted to answer some questions related to the group. The lengths and types of questions in these can vary from group to group. We go ahead and answer the questions to continue.
    • 00:35
    • Profile photo
      We're asked to add a profile photo. We can do with with Facebook, or by uploading a photo. There doesn't seem to be a way to skip this option.
    • 00:53
    • Membership pending
      We've now applied to join a Meetup group. The application is pending, and we'll be notified once we're in.

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