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Onboarding on Meetup video screenshot
Sign up
To get started, we click the Sign Up button, then decide to go with the "Or sign up with email" option, rather than continuing with Facebook or Google.
Sign up form
We now go ahead and fill in a normal sign up form. The options to continue with Google or Facebook are still there. Our location has been selected for us, but we have the option to change it.
Verify email
We can't continue without verifying our email. Personally, I hate this way of forcing verification, but I can't say what it does for conversions.
Upload a photo
Now we're verified, we can upload our profile photo, connect to Facebook, or skip. This is the third time we've seen Facebook mentioned - it makes sense as this is a site where you meet with strangers, so Facebook is a good way to get more complete profiles.
Pick interests
Now we pick some interests. The thumbnails for each interest look great here. Once we've picked our interests, we can narrow it down by selecting sub-categories.
Pick Meetup groups
Now we can pick a few Meetup groups to join. I guess the displayed Meetups are based on the interests we picked in the previous section.
Download the app
Now we're prompted to download the iOS or Android app. Once we close that prompt, we're fully onboarded. The page we land on is the calendar. We can use this to find nearby Meetups.

Video uploaded: 2 years, 11 months ago