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Finding flights on Hipmunk video screenshot
Flights search
To start searching for flights, we tap on the "Flights" tab in the footer menu.
Flight options
We then select some details about the flights we want to search for, including whether we want a round trip, which airports we want to travel from and to, and how many passengers we want to book flights for.
Search progress
As Hipmunk is searching for flights, we get a nice animation as we wait. On this search progress page, we're also given the chance to subscribe to alerts if prices for the flights you're searching for change.
Search results
The search result listings are fairly unusual. They're in some sort of time-based chart that make it slightly more clear how the departure and arrival times of each option compare. The pricing of the flights on the listings also stand out.
Sorting & filtering
You can sort and filter your search results in various ways, including "Agony." There's a "what's this?" button that gives you more information about what sorting by "Agony" actually does.
Trip details
Once you select a listing from your search results, you can see some more information about it and book it if you're happy with one of the options you see. There's also an option to "Email This Trip" if you're not ready to select one of the options now. You can pay a small fee to hold the selected flight prices without actually booking them.
Booking flights
Once you select the flights you want to book, you get another loading animation, this time with a quote/tip.
Booking details
At this stage, you can see much more details about the flights you're booking. You can change the font size on this page, set some preferences, double check if the "flight is right for you," and more. If you're happy with all of the details and the full price of your flights, you can continue by selecting a checkbox to indicate you agree to the statements above, and clicking the big "Continue" button at the bottom of the page.
Add details and complete booking
At this stage, you can log in, or continue without logging in. If you continue without logging in, you have to add passenger details before confirming and paying for your flights.

Video uploaded: 2 years, 11 months ago