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Finding hotels on Hipmunk video screenshot
Search Hotels
To start searching for hotels, we tap on the "Hotels" tab on the footer navigation menu. We then enter our location, dates, and number of rooms/guests. Default selections are made for us.
Search results
As the search results start to appear, we see progress updates, including where the search results are coming from. The hotel listings show a thumbnail image, title, star rating, and average number of reviews. They also show some of the amenities, such as free wi-fi.
Sorting & Filtering
You can sort and filter the results in various ways, including "Ecstasy." There's a "what's this?" button to explain what sorting by "Ecstasy" actually does.
Hotel Details
Once you click on a listing, you can see more details about your chosen hotel. These include extra images, pricing information, reviews, and more.

Video uploaded: 2 years, 11 months ago