How To Price a Product: Pricing Made Simple  

A close-up of a pen, a notebook, a black calculator, and a roll of dollar notes.

Making appropriate pricing decisions is one of the most impactful tasks business owners have.  Such a decision will affect the percentage of profit your business makes and the size of its customer base.  Given the … Read more

User Flow Design: The Art of Seamless Navigation

A person draws a wireflow in a notebook. A sticky note sits on the page, containing details relating to the user flow.

User flow, UX design, and user experience. What connects these three aspects of the UX design process?  Well, you can’t create superior UX designs without also designing seamless user flows. And without spectacular UX designs, … Read more

Ecommerce Website Design: Perfecting Online Shopping 

A miniature, silver shopping cart contains an assortment of cosmetic products.

The quality of your E-commerce website design can drastically impact your sales volumes and conversion rates.  From facilitating user-brand trust to choosing the right background color for your website, every design element you employ is … Read more

How To Do User Research: The Only Guide You Need

Several people lean over a table covered in printouts, sticking sticky notes on it.

A shocking 53% of consumers don’t think brands meet their experience standards. You don’t want your brand to be in this majority, which is why user research is so crucial. With the right research, you … Read more

Landing Page vs Homepage: Understanding Crucial Differences 

A black iPhone sits on a white table displaying the homepage of a mobile application.

An important aspect of UX design and UI design is the optimization of the user interfaces/screens within digital products.  However, UI/UX designers can’t achieve that goal without knowing the purpose of every user interface they … Read more

UX Competitive Analysis: Designing Superior Products 

A designer uses colorful pens to make notes relating to the design of user interfaces on several pieces of paper.

Conducting a UX competitive analysis is a great way to establish your uniqueness in the competitive landscape.  By learning what your competitors do (and don’t do) when crafting their user experience designs, you can create … Read more

Agile UX: Understanding the Basics

Four co-workers bump their fists together over their work to symbolize collaboration.

Agile UX design places user experience design within the agile frameworks of software development.  Due to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and user-centricity, agile UX has become the most popular software development methodology.  Effective agile UX can … Read more

App User Flow: How To Design Better Mobile Apps

A person writes on white paper and draws wireframes.

Every app goes through various stages of the design process. The best apps have more detailed design processes, where the design team hones in on things like user flow. When you can create an app … Read more

What Is Behavior Driven Development? 

A close-up of a person encoding a sequence of characters into their silver laptop.

Like the UX design process, the success of software development relies on cross-functional collaboration.  The most successful software combines the business’s needs with the end-users’ requirements. This is where behavior-driven development becomes essential to the … Read more

How To Create a User Flow: Bookmark This Guide!

A person writes on a sticky note stuck on a piece of paper with wireframes on it.

When you’re designing the user experience (UX) of a digital product, you need to break it down into smaller parts. After all, the entire experience involves a lot of moving parts and a detailed design … Read more