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May 16, 2024 | 9:00 am
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There’s something we haven’t told you about UX design and UX research. It’s not always so hyper-focused on usability testing, prototypes, and optimizing the user experience. 

There are also memes. 

During times of slow productivity or low spirits, it’s important to take time for some much-needed light-heartedness. So, in celebration of laughter and meme culture, we’ve explored some of the greatest UX design memes. 

In today’s piece, we will reveal the best (and the worst) memes that relate to UX design and UX research. From nostalgic classics to subtle wit, we invite you to join us on our journey through the internet’s best memes! 

Why You Should Take a Break To Look at UX Design Memes

There are many reasons why you should take the time to look at some hilarious UX design memes. 

Before we unveil our top picks for the best UX design memes, you should know why meme-hunting is important.

1. Easing the Stresses of the Design Process

It’s no secret that a UX design process can prove emotionally taxing and sometimes even tedious for UX designers

The UX design process demands that you know the ins and outs of your target audience. A large portion of a UX designer’s work revolves around working with UX researchers to acquire and analyze user-centric data. This means that a lot of UX designers spend their time deciphering their users’ needs, desires, and frustrations. After all, UX designers and UX researchers aim to create digital products that resolve their users’ issues. 

When a UX designer can comfortably assert that they understand their users, they must create user personas. User personas, alongside empathy maps, help to contextualize their users and design a product that caters to their unique contexts. 

From there, a UX designer will have the user-focused know-how to effectively create wireframes based on their design solutions. Wireframes quickly transform into functional prototypes, and those prototypes transform into presentations where clients and stakeholders provide constructive feedback. 

With enough revisions, coffee, software, and clarifications that they aren’t graphic designers, UX designers can finalize their designs.

Sounds like a lot of repetitive hard work, right? By finding humor in even the most pressing challenges, UX designers and UX researchers can significantly improve their moods. Higher spirits mean higher productivity and efficiency. And what better way is there to lift your spirits than to look at some hilarious, relatable memes?

2. Understanding Your Users in a Creative Way

More often than not, it’s real users who create and distribute UX design memes. So, how does this benefit you? 

Memes can prove a great way to further understand your users’ mental models, preferences, and attitudes. By analyzing memes that repeatedly appear in your target audience’s circles, you can determine what they find engaging. 

However, memes don’t just allow for user engagement but also user base expansion. 

If the tone of your product is conversational in nature, utilizing meme-like humor can help you expand your user base. Memes have shareable qualities that users can’t help but show their peers! 

3. Embracing the UX Design Community 

Sharing UX design and UX research memes in the UX community can help you foster meaningful relationships with your colleagues. 

The laughter that memes evoke creates a more friendly, positive work environment for you and your fellow designers. 

Aside from a cheery workplace, you can rest assured knowing that you’re not the first designer to encounter pitfalls. The challenges you see in UX design memes aren’t new to the UX community overall. 

What’s more, if problems are recurring in the UX community, you can relax knowing that there is also a solution! 

UX Designer Memes That Represent Your Design Process Too Well 

Enough chit-chat. It’s time to look at some memes!

Among a wealth of UX designer memes, we have selected the best ones that reflect the UX design process. 

You may wonder, ‘How do they know the best UX design memes that perfectly – and painfully – reflect our design process?’

We recognize that, as a UX designer, you’ll often have to adopt iterative design practices to optimize your product. What’s more, the constant revisions and feedback sessions can grow tiresome after a while.

We also recognize that, with the right memes, any mundane task can become the highlight of your day. So, with this in mind, bring on the memes!

A meme relating to UX design and Sean Bean’s character, Ned Stark, from Game of Thrones.

1. All Hail the King of UX 

Chaos is a ladder, after all. But the ladder to successful, user-centric digital products can prove even longer for a new UX designer. For the fresh-faced UX designers out there, we have the perfect starter pack for you!

A meme that adopts the ‘starter pack’ format, tailored to suit a UX designer.

2. UX Designer Must-Haves

However, even with this starter pack, you may encounter the odd stressful situation…

A meme relating to the stressful, seemingly aging demands of a UX designer’s roles.

3. Poor Mark

…especially when people keep confusing you for a UI designer.

A meme relating to the difference between UX and UI design using screenshots from the movie ‘Inception.’

4. A Classic Leo Meme

Leo’s not amused. 

A meme relating to a meeting between UX designers and stakeholders using screenshots from the movie Monsters Inc.

5. Wait…UX Design Isn’t Graphic Design?

Seriously, it’s not?

6. The Accessibility…Velociraptor? 

Jurassic Park just became a lot more accessible.

A meme displaying a train crashing into a school bus in relation to the role of client feedback in the design process.

7. This One Stings 

Does anything else need saying? 

A meme displaying a police car chase in relation to the duties and tasks of UX designers.

8. Don’t Forget About User Research

Bring on the usability testing!

A meme displaying an ill-made tea cup poking a man in the eyes, relating to the importance of UX research.

The Bad UX Design Meme You Can’t Ignore

What’s better than bad UX design? A bad UX design meme! 

This meme perfectly encapsulates what UX design would look like without the data from UX research. 

Remember: If you can’t empathize with your user’s needs, goals, desires, beliefs, and frustrations, you need to conduct more research!

UX Designer vs Developer Memes 

Of course, we can’t leave out UX designer vs developer memes!

A meme displaying an uneven toilet that relates to the dynamic between UX designers and developers.

1. Looks Fine to Me 

There doesn’t seem to be an issue here. 

2. Another Young and Hopeful

Of course, as a UX designer, you know how to code, right?

A meme relating to the confusion over the definition of UX.

3. For the Seasoned UX Designers and Developers 

It has so many meanings. 

UX Research Memes 

It wouldn’t seem right to give UX design memes all of the attention…

Let’s look at some of the best UX research memes, too! 

1. To Infinity and Back to the Drawing Board 

Don’t forget to order a lot of Post-it notes!

A meme relating to user personas for King Charles and Ozzy Osbourne.

2. The Prince of Darkness (and User Personas)

Who’d have thought that Ozzy Osbourne and King Charles had a user persona in common?

A meme relating to a lack of UX research using screenshots from The Office.

3. Would a UX Researcher Do That? 

Don’t act like Dwight. 

A meme relating to UX design using screenshots from The Lord of The Rings saga.

4. Gandalf, the Great UX Researcher

Gandalf the White? More like Gandalf the Wise. 

UX Design Memes: Some Much-Needed Levity

Hopefully, you’ve taken the time to de-stress and chuckle at the memes we’ve provided in our article. 

It’s important to remember that although you focus predominantly on the user’s experience, you should also have fun. 

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